Toronto Furnished Apartments Suites Rentals

A furnished apartment rental in Toronto from Toronto Furnished Apartments Suite is an ideal way to stay in the city, no matter the reason for your visit. Whether you’re here for a work-related stay, a family vacation, you or a family member are having extended medical treatment or your home is under renovation, a furnished apartment suite rental in Toronto is a wonderful alternative to a standard hotel.

Short term furnished apartments in Toronto offer amenities that are above and beyond anything you’re likely to find in a hotel. The most obvious difference is that we offer fully furnished apartments, providing you with the same comfort and convenience that you’d expect at home. A furnished suite rental in Toronto provides you with a fully equipped kitchen, living room area, separate bedrooms and all the appliances you’d find in a modern home.

One of the complaints that many people have when they travel is the ‘living out of a suitcase’ impersonal feel of a hotel. This is one of the reasons why short term furnished apartments in Toronto are in such high demand. You’re able to settle in and make yourself comfortable with adequate closet space and features to make it feel like home. There aren’t too many hotels where you can stock your fridge with your favourite foods, cook your own meals or wander into the kitchen for a late night snack!

Another reason so many people want a furnished suite rental in Toronto for short term stays is the close proximity to the heart of the city. Toronto Furnished Apartments offers units in several different areas of the city, all of them close to shopping, subways and the culture that makes Toronto so unique. Before you book a hotel, contact us to look at your options. We have an affordable apartment that’s just right for your stay.