A Reminder from TFA to Think green

Help Us Conserve Energy: Please remember to turn off all lights, appliances and electronic equipment when not in use or when you leave the apartment.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycletest

All of our apartments have avid recycling programs; some even have measures in place for organic waste.

In University Plaza, each floor has a garbage chute to the right of the elevator after exiting the elevator. There is also a Waste room on the ground floor for Recyclables and Organic waste, just turn to the left of the elevators after exiting.

At QWest, each floor has access to the Garbage chute by the elevators, and like University Plaza on the Ground floor there is a Recycling and Organic waste room, just turn to the right of the elevators after exiting them.

At Maple Leaf Square there is access to the garbage, organic waste and recycling chutes on every floor. However for large recyclables you are responsible for dropping them off at the designated areas on P3 and P4.

At our Pantages Tower location there is access to the garbage chutes, as well as organic waste and recycling bins, on every floor; guests are responsible for breaking down any large boxes.


For a list of recyclable materials in Toronto, click here.

For a list of what counts as organic waste in Toronto, click here.