TFA Tennant Rules and Regulations

TFA Rules and Regulations are meant to be a general guide and are not specific to your building.  A separate section in your Guest services directory binder pertains to the general rules and regulations to the building you are presently staying in.  If you have any questions or concerns about anything that is specific to your building, please contact our Guest Services Team at 416-546-5300.

TFA Rules and Regulations have been developed with the awareness that cooperation and communal responsibility are necessary to preserve each other’s comfort, convenience and privacy.


  1. The Guest, an Occupant, any member of the Guest’s family, the Guest’s Agents or Visitors, or any person who may be permitted in or about the Premises or the Owner/Manager’s Premises by the Guest, shall not make or permit any improper noise in or about the Premises or Owner/Manager’s Premises, or do anything that will annoy or disturb the comfort or interfere in any way with the Owner/Manager, or those having business with them.
  2. In the event that the Guest’s actions or behaviour in any way contravene The Human Rights Code of Ontario vis a vis discrimination or harassment of other Guest of the Owner/Manager’s agents or employees, such contravention shall constitute sufficient cause for termination of the reservation and the Guest shall be responsible for all the Owner/Manager’s losses, damages, costs and expenses resulting therefrom.


  1. Furniture & other effects may NOT be removed from the Premises.
  2. The Guest shall take reasonable care not to damage any part of the Premises or the Owner/Manager’s Premises by moving furniture or other articles in or out, and the Guest agrees to indemnify the Owner/Manager or Toronto Furnished Apartments for any expenses incurred in repairing any damage so caused.


  1. The sidewalks, entry, passageways and stairways used in common areas shall not be obstructed or used for any purpose other than proper access to and from the Premises or the Owner/Manager’s Premises. Bicycles shall be kept only in areas designated by the Owner/Manager.
  2. The Guest shall not alter or add to the locking system on any door giving direct entry to the Premises without written permission by the Owner/Manager. The Guest hereby consents to any change of locks in the Owner/Manager’s Premises including that of the door giving direct entry into the Premises, provided the Owner/Manager gives the Guest replacement keys.
  3. The Guest agrees not to erect or construct any partitions or fences on, in, or about the Premises or the Owner/Manager’s Premises.
  4. The Owner/Manager shall have the right to limit access to the Premises or the Owner/Manager’s Premises by delivery services.
  5. In the event the Guest locks himself or herself out of the Premises, the Owner/Manager shall not be obligated to unlock the Premises and the Guest shall be responsible for all costs of re-entry including, but not limited to, locksmith charges, charges for damages whosoever caused, and any service charge payable to the Owner/Manager if the Owner/Manager agrees to unlock the Premises.
  6. The Guest shall pay the Owner/Manager’s replacement cost of any additional or replacement keys and entry cards.
  7. Where required by local by-law, the Guest acknowledges that safety window, locks, door locks, and door closures have been installed by the Owner/Manager and agrees to notify the Owner/Manager, in writing, should they become inoperative.


  1. Private passenger vehicles shall be parked only in such spaces that the Owner/Manager may designate from time-to-time, and the Owner/Manager shall have the right to reassign such parking spaces from time-to-time as the Owner/Manager, in its sole discretion, may determine. The Guest may be required to furnish the Owner/Manager with such information as it may require to identify the Guest’s vehicle and the Guest shall affix to the vehicle such identification as may be designated by the Owner/Manager from time-to-time.  The Owner/Manager shall have no obligation to provide parking for more than the number of vehicles specified in the Reservation Agreement.
  2. Any parking space allotted to the Guest by the Owner/Manager may be used only for the purpose of parking one private passenger vehicle that is regularly operated by the Guest. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, it is expressly understood and agreed that the Guest shall NOT park or store on the Premises or the Owner/Manager’s Premises any additional vehicle, any vehicle which has been abandoned or is inoperable or does not bear any valid license permit, and furthermore that the Guest shall not park or store on the Premises or the Owner/Manager’s Premises any commercial vehicle, recreational vehicle, trailer, boat or any other object.
  3. In the event that the Guest contravenes any of the provisions of the above Parking Rules and Regulations, the Owner/Manager shall have the right to remove the automobile, vehicle, trailer, boat or object, as the case may be, from the Premises or the Owner/Manager’s Premises at the Guest’s risk and expense. No action shall lie against the Owner/Manager for any expense which the Owner/Manager may incur in removing, storing, or disposing of any automobile, trailer, boat or object.
  4. No repairs, cleaning, washing or maintenance of any vehicle, shall be carried out on the Owner/Manager’s property, except in designated areas.
  5. The repair or damage caused as a result of fluid leakage will be the Guest’s financial responsibility.

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